“My own designs are guided by the materials. I never start with a shape in my head; the structure comes gradually, whilst working out the limitations of the medium. I like to work with noble materials, such as marble. They have an intrinsic beauty, a natural luxury about them. A slab of marble is in itself a spectacular object. My Split tables, for example, were designed around various marble slabs that come together to make a single unit.”

All pieces are custom made: colour, shape, size, legs and finish are chosen together to create pieces that are truly unique.



Split is a quest to enhance the stone’s natural variation and to work with it rather than against it as too often we fail to appreciate the beauty of imperfection.


A search for the most unusual colors - reds, pinks, greens, golds, blacks in a material that is always unique. No two slabs are ever the same


The slabs are united by a thin long vein of brass that runs along the center of the piece. The slabs can be split into two or four pieces, the contrast of traditional marble and more modern metal makes the timeless.

Dividing the tabletop into different parts allows the marble pieces to be removed from the structure, making the table less of a hassle to transport. 

francesco meda marble details.jpg



The aesthetic of the legs are deliberately lightweight and rational to enhance the slab of marble which is the dominant material in the design.


They can be laser-cut or bended iron pipes, they are enameled in colours that can be in contrast or in the same nuances as the slabs.

Francesco Meda consolle.jpg
francesco meda dining table.jpg
Francesco Meda consolle uk.jpg

Split, Round Split, Split Consolle, Split Coffee, 4- Split Oval, 4-Split Rect