Orme Cinesi is a project in collaboration with Schoeni Art Gallery Hong Kong was exhibited in Hong Kong by Lane Crawford.

This project, was born in Hong Kong at Schoeni Art Gallery where it was decided to use contemporary Italian design to modify and enhance a collection of classical chinese furniture. Orme Cinesi can be considered an operation of  encounter between two profoundly different cultures with the aim to investigate the possibility of new outcomes. A platform for bridging East and West in respect of the characteristics of both cultures, maintaining the thousand-year long Chinese handcraft tradition by using the genuine antiques’ wood and updating the design with contemporary industrial materials such as stainless steel and acrylic resins.

The project is also a tribute to the theory of functionalism as it rids the object of all redundant elements in order to enhance the simplicity shared by both Chinese antiques and contemporary italian design. The collection, wich includes pieces such as the “curved armchair”, altar-tables, benches, stool, and dining chair, responds to the needs of modern cosmopolitan lifestyle in terms of aestethics, functionality and ecology. The collaboration has been an “exchange of knowledge” between Chinese and Italian craftsmen which have worked togheter to create each piece making it unique and thus a treasurable collector’s item. The Orme Cinesi collection is available exclusively at Lane Crawford store in Hong Kong.