The Project was born from the idea of cooking a typical Italian dish: risotto. The preparation of a risotto provides the use of many pts and many fires. The uniqueness of Tre in Uno is to optimize the heat of a single source and at the same time to allow several firings. The iron magnetic plate avoids energy dissipation and concentrates the heat transmitting it to the other components. The use of aluminum and cooper, good thermal conductors, enhances the preparation of this recipe in an innovative way. The object is composed, within the outline of a classical pot, of different accessories: the central pot for the rice, a pot for the broth, a section suitable for the preparation of the favorite ingredient and a canister for the butter to stir; furthermore, the handles are covered with cork to avoid injury. You can use it with gas or electric induction plate.

Exhibited in Triennale Design Museum - July 2015

Curator: Aldo Colonetti

Materials : aluminum - cooper - cork - iron